Project Name: EcoYouth Labs (EcoYouth Labs)

Project Purpose:  EcoYouth Labs, aims to bring together environmental and climate justice with gender justice in Turkey. The project focuses on nurturing pioneering female leaders in ecofeminism and climate justice.

Project Scope: EcoYouth Labs is conducted by KızBaşına and aims to strengthen the connection between environmental and climate justice and gender justice. Our project is supported by the Urgent Action Fund | For Women's Human Rights.

Target Audience: EcoYouth Labs targets women and LGBTQIA+ individuals aged between 18 and 25. We prioritize disadvantaged groups, the migrant population, equal opportunity students, and various gender identities to enhance and include the diversity of our community. With our project, we aim to increase the knowledge and awareness of these young individuals in climate justice and ecofeminism, making them active leaders and decision-makers.

Project Activities: The project includes a series of activities and events that intersect environmental and climate justice with gender justice:

  • Workshops and education on ecofeminism, sustainability, climate change, gender-sensitive policy-making, campaign management, social media campaigns, and feminism.
  • Model United Nations activity, where participants are divided into teams to practically engage in climate policy-making using the skills they have acquired through training.
  • Gamified ecological crisis simulation to facilitate participant learning through simulation and create a sustainable output that other organizations can use.
  • Campaign competition where participants develop their effective climate campaigns in teams to contribute to environmental and climate justice. Winning campaigns, shared with partners like Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, are implemented to provide real-world policy-making experience.
  • Ecofeminism Art Gallery conducted through the existing successful KızBaşına Art Gallery. Artworks focusing on ecofeminism, climate change, and women, created by female artists, will be exhibited.

Project Impacts: With this project, we value the empowerment of young women and LGBTQIA+ individuals in the fields of climate justice and ecofeminism. Through our project's impact, we aim to contribute to strengthening the connection between environmental and climate issues and ecofeminist thinking, ultimately building a more resilient and sustainable community.

Project Timeline: The project will run from April 2023 to 2024, with ongoing effects and gains that will continue to make an impact in society.

How to Connect:

To learn more about the project, participate in activities, and provide support, please visit our website: You can also find information about our current events and activities on our social media accounts. Together, we invite you to shape the future by playing a significant role in climate justice and ecofeminism as female leaders. Let's shape our future together!