KızBaşına derives its name from the counter-narrative "If you do it, you do it on your own (literally: just a girl on her own)" in rejection of the hate speech "You can't do it on your own (just a girl)". KızBaşına is an activist community formed by volunteer activists coming together and is a non-profit organization (NPO) within the scope of its social initiatives. KızBaşına (Just a Girl) was launched in 2017 with three main aims; creating awareness campaigns for stopping violence against women, working on empowerment of women, and promoting the society to come together and find a lasting solution for stopping violence against women. KızBaşına’s core strengths come from its use of social media and ability to integrate innovation to the realm of civil society.

KızBaşına's strategy has three primary methods.




In its broadest sense, the transformation activity aims to change the society's legitimization of violence and to empower women. Under transformation activities, there is a particular emphasis on social media-driven campaigns. Campaign activities encompass the development and implementation of creative and innovative methods to understand, evaluate, narrate, empower, challenge, or mobilize the silent majority. Each campaign contains clear, targeted messages, expects an action from its target audience, and presents the entire process within a narrative.

Protection encompasses acute interventions for individual incidents involving women subjected to violence as well as broader protection strategies, including the preservation of general mental and physical health. In this regard, the KızBaşına Legal Team plays the most active role. The legal activities are responsible for identifying and addressing gaps in laws, as well as taking necessary steps to ensure that existing laws are implemented in accordance with the law. In conjunction with the transformation strategy, the Legal Team informs the community about their rights and ways to get help. In this context, the team carries out its activities by organizing declarations, trainings, and campaigns using various methods. The trainings cover general community education as well as expert and leader trainings. The team is also obliged to answer legal consultation topics directed to KızBaşına.

To ensure its continuity, KızBaşına can apply for project funds, grants, competitions, and awards or establish partnerships. The identification of relevant application opportunities, the preparation of applications, and the management of project processes are carried out by the KızBaşına Project Team.

To meet the financial needs of KızBaşına's activities and support the transformation strategy, the KızBaşına Art Gallery subsidiary has been established.

The Art Gallery identifies young artists, transforms their works into products, and commercializes them through various sales channels. It allocates a specified portion of the revenues for reinvestment to the Art Gallery Fund, another portion to the KızBaşına General Fund, and another portion as a scholarship to the artist.

The scholarship provided to the artist aims to support the continuous creation of art pieces specific to the field of women and local cultures in Turkey. With this aim, it asks the collaborating artist to develop an original work with all rights reserved to KızBaşına.

The Art Gallery is responsible for increasing artworks and artist collaborations, disseminating the artworks, and establishing collaborations and commercial channels.