About Us

The Çaplı Foundation brings out current social problems and phenomena, especially discrimination and violence based on gender inequality, and conducts studies intended at the economic, cultural and scientific development of individuals in society. In addition, the Çaplı Foundation aims to develop and increase the influence of a non- governmental organization called KızBaşına, which was specifically established to show ways to help women and girls who have been subjected to violence and harassment, and to make them strong individuals.

For this purpose, the foundation works on empowering women in society, women’s rights, children’s rights, human rights and animal rights, creating strategies to protect the general mental and physical health of the woman or child who has been subjected to violence, supporting the growth of young and emerging female artists in this field and the creation of masterpieces that are specific to the local culture, transferring the professional knowledge of experts on related subjects to the society by using visual and written media, other communication organs such as publishing, and social media tools. Finally, the Çaplı Foundation aims to be a pioneer in technology fields by realizing research-development, projects and activities for the production of original technological systems and components.

Our Founders

  Yeşim Çaplı

In 1986, Yeşim Çaplı completed her undergraduate program at Hacettepe University in the field of Economics and in 1996, her master’s program at Middle East Technical University, in the field of Political Science and Public Administration. In 2017, with the awareness of the need to combat all kinds of violence against women, she found KızBaşına. In 2018, she helped KızBaşına to receive “Winner of Honorable Mention” from the Peer to Peer Facebook Global Digital Challenge with “Empowered Women at Work” project and in 2019 to receive grand prize from the same competition with “Digital Carnation” project. Currently, she is a lecturer at METU/GİSAM, and her teaching interests include broadcast journalism, media policies, political economy of international media.

  Berke Çaplı

In 2012, Berke Çaplı completed his undergraduate education in 'Economics and Political Science' at the University of Essex. In 2017, he became the Founding Coordinator of KızBaşına. In 2018, under the Peer to Peer Facebook Global Digital Challenge, KızBaşına's Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Project was awarded the "Winner of Honorable Mention" award. In 2019, he supported as a project consultant when the "Digital Carnation" project, prepared within the same competition, won the first prize. In addition, he made significant contributions to the project design phases of the "Future Leader Legal Professionals Project", which is a first of its kind in Turkey, and the "Legal Guide for Fighting Violence Against Women" online training, which has registered over 5,000 students as of 2022. He assisted KızBaşına in being deemed worthy of the "Outstanding Service and Success Award" by the Ankara NGOs Platform and in becoming a member of the Ankara City Council. He is currently coordinating numerous projects launched under KızBaşına to combat violence against women and hate speech.

  Burak Çaplı

Burak is the Co-Founder & CEO of Radius Tech, a London-based Consumer Intelligence provider that focuses on introducing disruptive data-driven technologies specifically for managing and operating commercial real estate. Radius aims to identify the gaps and define the opportunities in the market that arise from the misalignment between new-generation consumer expectations real estate asset operators and investors. From as early as 19 years old Burak was involved in cutting-edge innovations, from the first commercialized 3D Chocolate Printer to representing InnovateUK and The Department of International Trade as part of a trade and innovation envoy to India. He also contributed to Transport for London’s Modernisation of the Four Line (4LM) where he analysed passenger behaviour in response to safety measures, paving his way to utilising data insights for understanding human behaviour. At its core Burak’s work harmonizes the virtues of big-data, artificial intelligence, and human intuition whilst building upon an in-depth understanding of social media and the dynamics of human interaction.